Junkyard MEGA Wars



Whoa... that was fun! Thanks to Mike I.
for getting me the gig. Show will air in
September of 2004 and I reckon it will be
worth the wait. Four teams (Metal Maidens,
Anarchists, Farm Boyz, & Firemen) indeed
launched on Monday morning. Two teams
actually made it across the river but
needed to be towed out onto shore. One
team lost control and went down river
and needed a tow back up and onto shore.
And one team sank like the Titanic!!!
Many funny moments, much stress & high
energy, tight schedules, grueling for
teams & show crew. TV behind the scenes
is nothing like the finished product.
I'm just happy Amphi, the Olds, & I made
it out and home intact. Rivers are very
exciting, but I'll take a calm lake any
day. If there's any interest I can write
more in the IAOC newsletter... otherwise
mark your calendars for the Sept 2004
3 part episode of Junkyard MEGA wars
where your pal Amphipoda plays stunt
double for the show host and does a
very reckless 30 mph splash entry into
an 8 knot river. Another 15 seconds of
Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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