Junk Yard Wars Video



<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">Could I buy a copy of that tape-having just bought an Amphi, I would love to see pics of all that I have been missing.

Brian in CA</font>

Eric Mattlin

I just finished putting together about 45 minutes of rough edited
Amphicar film for the folks at Junkyard Wars. Even if they don't use
it I'm just happy that they asked for it.

Included on the tape is Celina 1999

about 15 minutes of Celina 2001 (Almost all of me and Nikolai)

and the remaining footage is of the various events that Dave the Wave
has put on over the years. Plenty of shots of the Brown Wonder in
its Brown Glory days. I believe that the brown wonder should be the
poster shot for the episode.

I also sent them a copy of all my Amphicar pictures to date.
Veronica seemed like a very nice person. She spoke highly of the
group (especiall our own Bilgemaster) and seems to have talked and
emailed with many of us.

Now to see if FedEx can actually get it to London without damaging
the Magnetic Media.


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