June 2009 Concours Car show

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
On June 5-6/2009
(Fleetwoodcountrycruzein.com) Friday PM,kickoff party and buffet in the big top.Saturday car show,Amphicars on the pond,Gene Winfield.George Barris and there customs and rods,grand opening of the new 1930s Cadillac Muse
um project.Sat, evening dinner show with Tommy James and the Shondells,
Info;Steve Plunkett (519)-657-9040,tickets-Centennial Hall (519)672-1967'''
This is and exact copy of there add in a well read Canadian Car Mag.(Old Autos)it is in
London Ontario Canada..2hrs from USA border at Detroit, Port Huron,Buffalo.
Steve Phoned me Last Dec.and again last night, and Invited me and any other Amphicar owner whom would like to come to this event, we will be there special guests of honour and he has said that the Sat, dinner show is on Him for Bringing our cars.(in other words,no FEE)This is a very classy show held on the exclusive grounds of Steve Plunkett, a collector of many Cadillacs of the 30's.I will be going down to see him before the show to make sure the ramp into his pond will work for in and out off Amphicars.I just went on his web site.it is amazing!look at the 2008 pics,this place is BIG!and this whole event is a charity fund raiser.
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Gord Souter
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