June 1st car show in Lindon.


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Amphicars at Plunketts was a big SPLASH! . We were the main attraction of over 3000 cars. We gave over 100 rides and collected over $5000.00 in 2 days for Carity!(Only 3 cars did all the swiming,but lots of helpers) In return Steve gave us Comp. tickets for Friday and Saturday night show and a big dinner! Tony Orlando put on a fantastic show, And I got to meet him!
Secial; thanks to RAY.. he collected money
Barb and Jeff. guarded the bridge
Chuck and Dianna She did most of the driving
Herb and Shelia. What can I say!
Rick, Drove up by him self and surprised us from Ohio
Bill and Larua. Drove my car and gave me a break.
Mike from Hamoilton.(someone has to have car trouble, couldn't get out of pond.
Lots of Dummies there too.
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Thanks Gord for letting the world know I couldn't get out of the pond in London. (2019) :)

But now I will let the world know Gord Souter ran out of gas in the middle of the pond last year. (2018) :cool:

Mike in Hamilton (Bwana)