July Wisconsin Swim In


Eric Mattlin

My son Nick and I had a great time at the Wisconsin Swim In last
weekend. Dave the Wave showed up so I got to visit with my car. I
sort of like riding in the back with Dave driving.

I took better than 200 pictures with my digital camera and some
movies. Amongst them are some really nice shots. I plan to burn
them onto a CD along with all the other amphicar photos I have taken
to date. Anyone wishing a copy can drop me a note offline. I'm
planning to have them at Celina so as to minimize postage. I just
need a rough count.

Please reply offlist as It can get really cluttered otherwise.

Eric Mattlin (Chicago)





<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">stoped out sunday at ancor in for lunch no one around, the gal at ramp said
there was abut 5 cars earlyer in day checked all logical spots but forgot to
get adress & phone #'s sorry we missed you guys. will be there next year for
sure. would love a copy of the cd .,but can't make celina. would be happy to
pay any costs & postage just let know how much $$. will share all with plum
ampi shes dying to meet the relatives !!


jay plum 67</font>


You must have just missed us as we had breakfast at the Red Apple and
then a short swim by The Anchor Inn and then out at another ramp down
on the lake with an electrical problem. We then headed to the house
to load up some cars for their trips home. We will do it again next
Where are you located?
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq

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> stoped out sunday at ancor in for lunch no one around,

> thank's

> jay plum 67


Re: Re: July Wisconsin Swim In

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">hi marty & caryl were located 3510 west river drive by the bridge on rt 14
just east of jainsville were right on the water & have access to river right
on the north side of the bridge. have been restoring amphi off & on over last
15 years, more off than on shes looking good but needs more hours than ive
had in the last few years. if your ever in the area call & stop by for a cold
one. our phone # is 758-2174. my wife has herd all the storys but never been
for a ride. thought last week might change that,oh well.

my father was one of the first to have a demo car at milt king rambler round
lake il.

but thats a long story. glad you guys had a good swim.

bye for now

jay plum 67</font>