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July Wisconsin Amphicar Swim-In

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Join us for an extra long weekend of swimming and relaxing at our
house starting the evening of July 4th through the 8th.

We can put in at the Anchor Inn and cruise up and down the Rock River
or venture onto Lake Koshkonong to many different locations. The
Anchor Inn is a popular bar/restaurant sandwiched on the river
between the bridges for Hwy 59 and I-90. There will be lots of
opportunities to turn heads and give our Amphis the attention they
deserve. There is lots of dining nearby, both on and off the water.
If we are more adventurous we can drive about 20-30 minutes to the
Rock River in Janesville or the Yahara River and Lake Kegonsa near

After swimming at Anchor Inn, we will relax by the swimming pool at
our house. Evening bonfires, good beverages, mosquito bites and
grilling are bound to happen. We will supply some beverages, salads
and meat to grill. Let us know if you would like to bring additional
items for meals or snacking. We offer three bedrooms and a tent for
those desiring down home, laid back accommodations. There is plenty
of room for tents, RVs and trailers. If you require more luxurious
accommodations, there's a Comfort Inn by the river (about 7 miles
from our house) at 11102 N. Goede Road 608-884-2118. The hotel is
just off of I-90 about 1 block from the water.

We are located in the southern part of Wisconsin, just north of
We have put maps in the files under the heading "Anchor Inn Maps".

E-mail us privately for more information and directions. Please
confirm your attendance by Sunday July 1st. Good swimming!!!
Our email is: martyandcaryl@charter.net