Join me in the chat nook?

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    Guess Bilgemaster is too busy to post my request?
    so here goes:

    That's the chat nook address for Monday at 6:00PM
    (left coast time) or 9:00PM EST. Dunno what time
    in the middle states, but someone there ought to say.
    Chat room is great for newbies and old gilled vets
    alike. All this water in the tranny and axle woes
    stuff could be discussed and Celina stuff too. I will
    also be announcing a the second Annual San Diego
    Lake Miramar Million Amphi Swim-in details. Ya'll
    don't wanna miss that. Don't forget Monday Eve Chat.

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego

    To: Michael Echemann
    No power outages in San Diego? yet. But we
    are being price gouged like there's no tomorrow.
    Of course we can "borrow" juice from our good
    neighbors to the north and east, but at a premium
    dictated to us by the deregulated bureaucratic
    power brokers. My monthly rate went from an
    average of $48/month to $266 last month. Well,
    I suppose it's not that bad really, after all I heat
    my garage so our Amphi doesn't catch a cold.

    To: Brian Crombie
    Too right you are about that Paul's Amazing
    Amphi trailer? there better be breathing holes
    in that fancy contraption! It sure does look nice
    and I'm torn between buying one of those and
    fulfilling my promise to take Mermaid to Europe.

    To Dave the Wave:
    Are you really coming to San Diego? Suppose I
    better vacuum up and sweep out the bilge. If you
    really do visit? Lake Miramar will never be the
    same. Let us know when and I leave the light on
    for ya? (if we still have power).

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