You are talking about a Jeep Gpa or more commonly know as a Seep
their is very few of these left in the world with quite a few 5 or 6
in Australia although there is supposedly one here in Dayton
somewhere but i have never seen it there is only 3 or 4 in the usa.
I am currently reading a book I bought on line call Haf safe about
ben Carlin who took his Amphibious Jeep around the world crossing
the Atlantic ocean driving through Africa and up through the Med
into europe and through Russia etc. It has been preety intresting so
far although I do wonder if it is possible in an Amphicar? What does
everyone think.


Having had the good fortune to have saied around the world, and having
this archival footage of what is probably the Seeps, I can only say I
woudnd't want to trust myself to one across an ocean unless it was considerably
modified to make it more like a submarine (even though for surface use) than
an amphibian.
Splash Nelson

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You apparently know a lot about these Small DUKW's. I just looked at
the film again, and I see they were tested in these films on Feb 18, 1942 which
was only
2-1/2 months after Pearl Harbor. Whereas the big DUKW's were first tested I
think in June of 1942 and were built by GM utilizing their basic truck, this
smaller DUKW was built by Ford. Were the Seeps built by Ford to your knowledge
and how many were built? I know they had trouble gretting the bigt Ducks
accepted at first. Did the smaller ones suffer the same fate and therefoire they
never went into mass production? Studying the films, the smaller ones (which in
the films which are silent are called "Amphibious Scout Cars.") It shows them
entering the water at 4 speeds- 10, 15, 20 and 15 and doing really well. It
also shows them going 60 on land. They are 4 wheel drive and have a single
center prop with a rudder behind it linked to the steering wheel as with the big
Ducks. Though GM built the big Ducks and Ford built these (presuming they are
the Seeps to which you refer), they were both designed by the same man - Rod
Stephens of Sparkman and Stephens Yacht designers. Have you ever seen one in the
flesh? I know Schwimwagens are rare, but I have seen more than one. I don't
recollect ever seeing one of these, unless this is what you have, Tommy in
Tampa. The DUKW by the way comes from D=year 1942, U=amphibious utility truck,
K=front wheel drive and W=dual rear driving axles (it sounds as if both rear
wheels drove with a limited slip differential set up - do you know?) Anyway, I


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