Jacket Updates and other stuff


Eric M

I went over to visit Mr. Capone during lunch since his store is near
my office (and I do like a good cigar). The jacket is much better
than it looks in the pictures. It was a bit large on me (it was size
large) but I only weigh 155. I'm defineatly getting one. John was
thinking for club members he could get them for $250 including
shipping. Having recently bough my nephew his vasity jacket for
almost that I think its a great deal.

Happy Swimming


PS .. I also got a box of parts from Robert VonDracyk. Can't wait to
have Dave install them. I've always been paranoid about tranmission
levels (I do read the list even if I don't post) and this looks
simple enough that even I should be able to check it. We'll see at
the Swim-In in May.