its nice to be home again



We finally rolled across the border back into Texas Wednesday night.
The further west we went, the more and more the questions went from
poking fun at the Amphi such as with a "hey, is that one of those cars
that sunk in the river a couple weeks ago?" to more questions about
how many are left, where built, can I get one, etc. Just above the
Blue River (which is north of the Red River), one of Oklahoma's finest
stopped us for doing 55 in a 70. As he strolled up to the window, he
asked if I had a few moments to answer his questions about the car.
So actually, he was just plain curious. We showed water entry
pictures and shared various stories on the side of the 4 lane as other
cars whizzed by, surely thinking the worst about what was happening
with those flashings bubble gum lights behind the trailer. After a
good spell of lip jawing, we parted company with him having all the
information to show his grandpa the Amphicar internet web sites. (He
and his grandpa like working on old cars.) A little further south
west and we had people following us off the freeway into the gas
stations or rest areas. At one rest area, one truck driver just
couldn't believe the pictures and kept throwing out "you're s__ting
me" and other expressions of disbelief. He called over more drivers.
In the end, I guess there were quite a few "breaker 19's" as word
passed down the 4 lane, and we were given a friendly air horn salute
as these 18 wheeler's passed by. Ah, life with an Amphicar.

Al and Leonard