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Today someone from our local public television channel came into work all
excited saying you and you family are on the copy I need to edit for the public
TV show. Well, yes I know we are on the film, it was only shot 10 months ago.
Well, any way it is the film from the Racine boat show about to go to the
airways, but first they need to close caption all the phrases used by Dave the
Wave. So get ready get set we are ready to go. Give me a day to tell the person
what a Triumph Herald 1147 is and how to pronounce Dave Drrrrr as it comes out
on the tape. And who is Hans tepple tiple tople or what ever. I did not know I
would become their editor. Maybe I should work for the New York Times. Either
Way I have the hard copy of the outdoors Wisconsin from Racine and it should
be ready for airing soon.
Tim Wick

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