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    First time at Lake Clinton. Very nice, warm, and big. We drove Erics car
    in and enjoyed the smooth quiet ride to a calm spot for swimming. As
    every one is enjoying themselves car stops running. Looked like coil
    cooked. I swam to shore got a ride back to camp. Got motor home and
    drove to small bar. Local brought me to abandoned Chrysler. Off came
    coil and resistor. Back at Amphi replacement coil no help. Tow by kind
    stranger then chain back to camp. 20 minute cruise became 5 hours long.
    Condenser shorted causing coil to heat up and die. Got new condenser (to
    large) (We can get in Tuesday said parts house) used wire and glue to
    install condenser. Parts store promised coil was internally resisted.
    All parts installed drove 1/8 mile stopped running. Points welded shut.
    Pried open made it back to camp. Used resistor from Chrysler. Car was
    back to running condition. Fuel started to drip from line to carb. Used
    a thin string from nylon rope and wrapped threads. Problem solved.
    Promised Ray we would try out surf board. Saturday unlike day before was
    really windy and lake was really busy. Which all combined made for a lot
    of big bilgeing waves. In cove lots of cameras taking pics. Wind is
    pushing us into shore. Ray is having problems with balance. We had to
    back up. Line got loose and then wrapped around prop. Margie jumps in.
    Comes back with prop in hand tangled in rope. Next in is me with prop.
    Install with very little blood lost. Waves pounding. Then exit out high
    winds caused an amazing amount of turbulence and Amphi hits ramp side
    ways. I keep waiting for prop to fling off. Finally out I am repeating
    something to the effect. " That sucked never again bilge this". We went
    to beach were I got sunburned. I went back to camp and dropped off
    surfboard. Tightened prop and finally all went well. Sunday went perfect
    with a nice long cruise. Happy Fathers Day. Viva Celina! Later Dave the

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