It was glorious?



Finally, after nearly 2 years of
waiting, the local lake reopened.
It was 5:00 AM on Saturday and the
hardcore shore fishermen were lined
up over 50 strong at the gates. Some
two dozen fisherman with boats also
joined the line but they all needed
to buy their launch permits. Amphi
and I already having purchased our
advance permit were ready and boogied
down the ramp straight into the cool
fresh water of Miramar Lake. The fact
we "cut" in front of the other boaters
(some of which actually waited overnight
to be first in the lake) was not well
received. The usual nod, wave, or
camera flash was replaced with a middle
finger salute. Undiscouraged we explored
the lake as though it was our first time.
Anchored in our favorite alcove, I drank
a thermos of hot coffee while the sun
slowly illuminated in the eastern sky.
It was magical to again be in our second
home? floating in the local lake.

Later in the morning we were joined by
two other local Amphis, Steve R (red)
and Rick R.(white). The red, white,
and blue trio frolicked between what
seemed like a spider web of fishing
lines and boaters. It was a little
chaotic, but well worth the challenge.
At one point I had to ask the park
rangers to have the boat ramp cleared
so we could enter and exit the lake at
will. Since the rangers love Amphicars
this was done immediately and several
fishermen were evicted from the lake.
By noon Saturday the bulk for the hard-
core fishermen had packed up and left
which gave us full run of the lake.
Up until sunset and all through the
following day Amphi & I made dozens
of short journeys around the lake,
each one ferrying a variety of new
passengers. Of course my lovely
Mermaid wife and I did reserve some
quality time to have lunch on the
water too. All and all a terrific
swimming weekend for Amphipoda and
his mates.

64' Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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