It rained on our parade...

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It rained on our parade?

Can you believe it? Here is sunny San Diego?
it rained on our parade, but Amphi didn't mind.
I'm sure the homecoming queen and some of the
other parade "floats" probably didn't appreciate it.
It only lasted a few minutes? just enough to wet
Amphi's appetite for swimming. So swim we did,
Steve & Connie in their pristine red "fresh" water
Amphi and Mermaid & I in our tried & true turquoise
(blue) Amphi. BBQ'd too and had a visitor from yet
another Amphi owner in cherry red '67. I also got an
email from 2 others interested in future parades and
swimming festivities. At last we found some owners
who haven't heard of the Amphi-Lovers digest. So
next year promises to be a banner year indeed. Likely
6 or 7 Amphis in our local 4th of July parade! We
do have a shortage of white Amphis, so if you're a
white Amphi owner (that sounds racist, let me rephrase
that) if you own a white Amphicar or any color Amphicar?
plan now to be our guests here in Scripps Ranch, San Diego,
CA for a really fine series of parades, swims, the county fair,
swims, BBQ's and more swims. But be prepared - bring
your sun screen AND your umbrella.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego

PS - where is everyone? I'm the only posting anything!

No you're not alone, we're busy looking for new ramps to try. We, Emily &
I, took our grandsons for a dip. We also were rained on, but the boy's
didn't mind at all, they even liked getting wet.
Am planning to attend a Wheels & Wings show at Millville aprt next
weekend. Conf Air Force will be on site. We were rained out last year,
hope it's better this year. Happy Boating. P.J.H, Phila., Pa.

Al Heath

Re: Re: It rained on our parade...

Didn't rain on our parade, but it is starting to get hot. We had two of
our cars in the parade, and as Debra wanted to be a mermaid again, we got
another family to join us. Debra talked Lisa into being a mermaid too, so
each Amphi came complete with its own Sailor driver, Mermaid ornamet, and a
spare kid ... one as a "land shark" and another as a turtle. I think we
confused the judges as we won the "best golf cart" category. Amphi has
been called a lot of things before, but never a "golf cart!" Must have
been the heat.

Anyway, now that the "simmer" season is here, Amphi might get a little less
use till it cools off a bit. It isn't quite as much fun in the scorching
sun baking at over 100.