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    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">Hello, everyone, Brian from CA. TheAmphicar I just bought was delivered
    tonight. Just completed a pretty decent resto by prior owner but is not
    debugged yet. Here's the problem. Car runs fine. Car in nuetral w/ headlights
    on, runs fine. Push in clutch, car stops running. Does not matter if regualar
    or highbeam. Will not start if clutch pushed in and headlights on, but will
    start in nuetral if headlights on. One word-WHAT THE HELL! (Sorry thats three
    words) Any ideas. Hellava welcome to Amphi world! I really wanted to drive
    her tonight.:(

    Brian in CA</font>
  2. Al Heath

    Al Heath Guest

    >> Push in clutch, car stops running.

    Sounds like an instance of the Code Blue virus ;-)

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