It comes out tomorrow. How many pieces it will


Randy Tusone

be in we don't know, but it's coming out. It has taken
DAYS to get to the right people to pull it off the
rock and up through the current. Bill's definitely
getting tired of screwing around with it too.

I went to the site for the first time today. WOW! He
truly is lucky to be alive. It will be a real
challenge to get it out of there in one piece. Right
now it's fine. But, it can't just sit in the middle
of the Delaware River! It would get wiped if there
were some serious rain!

Being from PA I was aware of the rocks there. Bill
has been describing the size of the rocks to our
fellow South Jersians and they are floored. After
all, most of the rock in SJ is now sand! Our largest
rocks around here are maybe the size of a small chair,
and they are very few and far between. Most are
smaller than would fit in your hand. Not so in PA, nor
that part of NJ for that matter.

God Bless Everyone!


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