Is this the last car to come from the factory?


Always hard to know, but there are a whole slew with higher VINs and also listed as 1968 on the VIN Registry (for IAOC members). Looks like that car was from Wisconsin at one time.

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lips & black dash? description?

does anyone know where there are any of the very last car/s produced in 1968?


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Heater under fuel tank, is early car.
The fourth digit from the right of the VIN is the year of manufacture.
The cars produced last were not more approvable in the US, so they have remained in Germany.
In 1968 the factory was closed for several years. If you look at the VIN plate, the year of manufacture is usually in a different font. That's what the dealer did at sale.
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Hasn't the story always been there were none produced after 1965 (?) because they weren't selling? Every VIN plate I've ever seen has the year of manufacture stamped in a different font, as strandweiss62 mentioned. Also, my dad bought a new '66 in Nov.1965 with VIN 106522681...supposedly 292 cars after a car that is supposed to be the "last" 1968! I feel a VIN discussion coming on!

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Jon March

The last US cars delivered - were they the ones with the crinkle paint on the top edges of the doors?

What is known about
1) "last cars built"
2) "the last factory-ordered cars" for US sale
3) The last cars sold by dealers in US (mostly leftover / "on-hand" stock, I imagine)


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My Red car has the black crinkle finish on the tops of the doors and all the way around the windshield frame. It was a Canadian car and had all the late variations. It's VIN number is : 106524160

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67 White
67 Red

Jon March

That-there's a late car!!- I wonder if anyone knows who have the very last cars still operational?
Celina is all about the final cars this year!...maybe Marc Schlemmer, Alan Woodcock, David Chapman - Gordons?


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I think at the end is was a grab bag of stuff. Amphicar seemed to have dumped lots of remaining cars after they closed on the docks in NY&NJ. I have an ad somewhere advertising these vehicles at crazy prices. As I recall it is 10 cars for $7000,00 or something close. When I found my two NOS Amphicars many years ago that's where they came from. A Chris Craft Marine dealer in PA went to the docs and purchased a dozen cars and brought them back for sale. He said there were mint cars and scratch and dents, ones a 66 and the other a 67. I'm not sure anyone knows for sure. David Chapman may know more. David, are you out there.
Hi all, I'll jump on to Camerons account to answer as you are asking. No, that is not the last car to leave the factory, with the under tank heater but raised side lips it's second phase of production, probably Berlin not Lubeck, I'd guess 1966. It might be even earlier, the red trim was a 1964 World Trades fair thing - but that could have been changed during restore. The last factory cars were almost 2 years later and stayed in Europe originally but there are 1 or 2 now in the States. A good sign of a late car is steering lock on the column and DWM badge on dash. A few of the last factory cars also had 2 levers for the props so they could be controlled individually.

Will always be debate to decide what was the last factory car as some were unfinished when the factory closed (late 1967 in to 1968), a few were assembled from parts in to the 1970s.

The really special Amphicars I reckon are the unrestored ones with original paint, there are a few about, and there are some tucked away that have never been in water !

The first Amphicar is easier, it survives in Sweden and is in use, Austin engine, brass props.

David Chapman