Is it a bad bearing?


Mike Israel

Hi All,

My Amphi rarely travels more than 1.5 miles to the
river. Today I decided to head 30+ miles to a lake I
have been wanting to visit.

The trip went welll until literally I was nearing the
ramp. I then heard from the left rear wheel a
screech-crunch-screech-crunch. A quick exam revealed
two things:

1) A bit of grease looks like it had been shot back
out the zerk fitting in a straight line onto the
backing plate. Not severe but observable.

2) I could grab the top of the tire and pull it
slightly back and forth with a sort of clicking noise

My first thought was a bad wheel bearing. I
considered swimming anyway but thought beter of it. I
considered having her towed home and called Scott at
Gordon's who did not think that was necessarry. I
headed home, it did not sound pretty. Here is where
things get strange.

After about ten miles I noticed another strange sound,
that of a quiet wheel. This scared me even more so I
stopped to take a look. All seemed well, I could not
make the wheel move abnormally by pulling on it.
Drove the remaining 20 miles and all seemed normal.

When I got home I jacked up the rear. The wheel spins
fine, just normal brake drag noise. I removed the
grease cap, a bit crudy and slimy, but hey it has been
on there for three years.

OK, do I start pulling things apart? (Dang, now I
need to find where I put the service manual). Is
there something specific I should be looking for. If
it were the bearing behind the oscillating arm, or the
arm itself, would I know this without taking
everything apart. (Yikes, I have never removed the
Oscillating arm, it was done by one of our Amphi
specialists a few years back when the axle shaftw were

If all is well do I just leave it be for now? The
last thing I want is a wheel to come flying off as I
cruise down the highway.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Israel
65 Amphi White
List/Digest Admin


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