Invitation to: Antique boat show (Minneapolis Area)


Bill Connelly

Here's something that came in through the Club website. ~Bill:

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Hello My name is Clark Oltman, Vice President and show boss for the BSLOL
chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society based in the Minneapolis
Several years ago we had a few Amphicars attend our annual Rendezvous.
Unfortunately, those contacts have been lost.
I know this is short notice but I wish to extend my personal invitation to
any of your members that wish to display at our Rendezvous. We have no
registration fee for a non judged display.
The Rendezvous is at Treasure Island Resort and Casino just outside of Red
Wing, Minnesota. We will set up Friday August 15 and the show is open the 16
and 17th.
Any member that would like to display their Amphicar would need to be there
before 9AM to placed on a land display. There is a launch ramp on site to
access the Mississippi river.
More information can be found on our website: .
If you would like to participate in our future Rendezvous, we would be happy
to discuss ideas that would make it more fun for your members.
Thank You
Clark Oltman