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I bought my first Amphicar about 2 weeks ago. It is a white 1963 car. I
bought it out of Arizona from Don Tucker.

The car is in decent shape, with very little rust. But it does have some
questionable bodywork. I took it for a swim in a local lake (Seattle area)
last week. While the car drives and swims, I'm diving right into the things
it needs. The current projects are:

Replace drive-shaft boots - the current ones were slit to make them fit
better but this makes them a bit leaky.

Remove grease from brakes (3 of 4 wheels) and install new axle seals.

Fix wiring, such as for bilge pump and propellers-in-gear switch.

Replace generator bearing

Replace vacuum advance diaphragm

Replace broken zerk fittings.

Etc., etc.

Fortunately this is all relatively small stuff. The transmission and is new
and the engine rebuilt. While this was done probably 15 years ago, the car
sat garaged in ARIZONA with almost no use since then.

I look forward to using my car often.

Roger, Seattle

PS - Sorry if this is a repeat, but it didn't seem to go through the first
time I sent it.

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