Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Could not get in on the repys..
I am now over 200 interior kits sold.
The ones with white at the top.. std on red tangerine or yellow seats and doors are now custom heat srunk lile the originals, I still have to line sew the grey std kits
I had placed stock orders before my accident and I think there is a yellow,and grey kit at the house with a red kit due soon.Blue is now a very popular colour for the blue cars and one is at home ready to ship out to a customer as soon as I inspect it.
std kits run around $1300,00 crests on resr seats are $50 and I now have a clear seat cover kit for $300.00 in which extra pouches can be added..
I am being Discharge from Heath centre on friday and will be able to talk ob phone threw out weekend

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
MY local crest company has the Amphicar logo on file for me .
in the past I have made hats up with them on it,
now He sews them into the Amphicar material I use for interiors and my girls can incorperate them centre top fo the rear back rest,
My 4 cars all have them now as many Customers,
so you can order kit with or without them or order 2 back rests and have a choice when you go to Cars shows,, Origilal like or just supper neat!
One customer even put them on the 2 front backrests.. real:005: neat!

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