Interior Mirror Replacement Recommendation


Bill Connelly

Attention Web-toed Motoring Horde:

If you, like me, have been squinting through an original rear view mirror
now grown crustier and rustier, nastier and darker than an original toilet
flush handle on the Titanic, then I can unreservedly recommend replacing it
with one of Allan Woodcock's remanufactured jewels found at his website at .

It's a truly uncompromisingly beautiful bit of quality work!


I can echo Allan Woodcock's mirror endorsement. They are beautiful and fit
perfectly with the supplied stainless screws. They are a tad narrower than my
original was, but not noticeable and a beautiful upgrade. To any of the numerous
riders I take swimming, if they are casually looking around the interior of
my James Bond seem-alike (if they have spare time to think of such mundane
things,) my inside mirror was the one item which would have jarred their
Though my passengers may not have noticed it, I certainly did. In addition,
Allan's quick response was superb.
Vic "Splash" Nelson

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