Interesting Contraption...


The things people send me because of my Amphicar...

Never seen one of these before... Combination airboat / snow sled design, maybe? Looks 60's design sort of thing. Dented front end makes it look like you have to take a pretty good run at the shore to get this thing up on it, if indeed thats how it works. Intresting regardless!

Anyone ever seen one before? Wonder how the wheels function...


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That is cool as heck, but it does make me wonder how he backed it into that space....

Looks like the wheels rotate to lift the machine when on land, or transitioning from water to land the craft. I think maybe the front ones steer too, some odd connections on the front that are not on the back set. Not road worthy but likely there for 'driving it out' for dry storage? Just guessing, I've seen the pictures or similar ones before. It really is about as cool an airboat as I've seen.