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Betty Anne and/or David Field

There is no club in Toronto but I personally know of over a dozen cars
within 300 miles of the city. Now Gord Souter has officially broken his
news (see yesterday's Amphicar-lovers Digest {Number 438}) there should be
a large new supply of original parts available since he just bought the
cars and parts (I have seen this inventory) from a club member who owned
Amphicars since they first came out - he, not Gord, bought the parts
inventory from a local dealer when he sank (pun intended) years ago. If we
are lucky Gord may even go into the repair business!!!
Gord lives in Orillia and is a Class A amphi-mechanic (is this a new word?)
and a first class gentleman. His news is great for the Club as I believe
he will make the parts and acr or two available to us at reasonable prices.
The cost of owning an Amphicar depends on how much work you can do
yourself, how innovative you are, how well you use the information and
services available from the Club members (join the Club) and how obsessed
you are with the vehicle.
Dave Field, Wolfe Island, ON