Intake manifold copper pipe p/n 1-05-13

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by DAVIS,BRIAN R, Sep 17, 2000.


    Does anyone know how that "heat riser tube" (1-05-13) works?

    It's copper, (about 3/32" dia), screws into the intake manifold just below
    the carburetor, makes an up and down loop, and just hangs there.

    Bob Gordon says that it is to capture gas vapors that pool in the intake
    manifold after the engine is shut off. He said that this prevents these
    vapors from going down into the bilge and causing an explosion hazard.

    When I attached a vacuum gauge to it, I got absolutely nothing. This tells
    me that there's not even a hole into the intake manifold. I confirmed this
    by unscrewing the tube and there wasn't any visible hole drilled into the

    How does this thing work?


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