Insure Your BOAT Jeff!


B Crombie

Ask your insurance guy/gal if they insure boats. You will probably get
a yes. Then proceed to give them the particulars. It's a 196_ with a
43 horse inboard engine, seats four with full nautical lighting, twin screws,
etc..... That's when you whip out a picture of your "Boat" bobbing in
the water.
You'll probably get a "what the heck is this?" comment from your agent
but how can they deny you? Ask them about separate policies (car/boat).
I own a 16' Lund fishing boat that's insured annually for about 100.00. That
includes an electric trolling motor, a 2 horse gas motor and a 50 horse Merc.
Not a bad deal if that's what they would charge you for your "Boat"!

Brian Crombie

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