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    Before I make "my final offer" on this Amphi, I need to no if (and
    where) I can get insurance, as I will *not* own a vehicle I am going
    to pay $$$ over blue book on and not insure it (State Farm was
    clueless). What do other folks use here? Do you use separate boat
    and car insurance? Do tell! (Checked the archives to no avail).
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Eric Mattlin

    Eric Mattlin Guest

    I'm shocked that there wasn't anything in the archive on this.
    Theree are several insurance companies the deal with classic car
    insurance. Brian Esterman has the policy numbers for State Farm. I
    use Haggerty as do a number of other list members. They are easy to
    deal with and actually know the value of these things. You buy a
    policy for land and a seperate rider for water. Mine runs under
    $150/year (not sure as I have coverage for three cars on the policy).

    Coverage includes agreed value (you tell them what it is worth) so
    there is no dickering after there is an accident and $0 deductible.
    I know mwmbers who have claimsw wre happy.

    My insurance is on the high side due to a requirement of other
    insrance that I have a fairly high liability coverage.


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