Insurance & Shocks


Ken ''KD'' Roy

I've use 'American Collectors' since the 70's.
In 1984 Tom Kanyuk (the president??) gave me a hand written letter stating I
was covered in the water. Several years later the sent me this typed
confirmation: "Your 1967 Amphicar is covered while in the water provided it
is being used within the limitations of our policy". Hmmmmm, I beter check
to see what the "limitations of the policy" are.

I found a guy here in MN that specializes in making shocks for street-rods,
snowmobiles, airplanes, etc. I walked into his place & it looked like
shock-absorber heaven.
He's making me a set just for my Amphi that are bolt on, no modifications
He's great to work with. He's done with the back ones & told me to put them
on, & if i wanted them harder, softer, or whatever, he'd adjust them for me.
As soon as I get all 4 on & tested, I'll let you know his name,number &
website. No sense calling him before I test mine.
I'm not sure about the price yet.

Till later.....
Ken Roy