Insurance pricing - land & water:

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Jon March

What does everyone pay for insurance?

  1. 650 annual sound high for 85k value ?
  2. does anyone bother with on-the water/marine insurance ($360 annual)?


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I pay Hagerty for 60K coverage is $433/year + $40. for water/marine/year. Probably would be less, but I go for the top liability amounts they offer. Your 650 might be a little high, but the 360 water seems way high.


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Has anyone figured out a way around the car having to be garaged to get insurance ? Hagerty would not accept it being covered in a underground condo parking structure in with a gated entrance.
I also pay Hagerty the same as lelms. You need to change where your buying your Amphicar insurance Jon. The first year with them they charged me $50 for marine coverage. The next year they said they made a mistake, I thought it would go up significantly, instead they lowered it to $40. !