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Who do you insure your Amphi with

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Hi all,

Most Amphi owners have Hagerty or other agreed value classic policy. Coverage on the water is key, don't assume your policy covers this, get it in writing.

I've been happy with Hagerty, even had a claim which the handled great. Recently I considered switching as they will not cover some of my newer stuff. I thus checked into Barrett Jackson's offering thru TDC which many other marque forums gives high marks. Their rates are indeed a good bit lower. Unfortunately, they do NOT cover Amphicars on the water so I thought I would make others aware. See response from TDC below. I will leave Amphi with Hagerty but may switch the others.
To answer your question, no we would not have coverage provided while the vehicle was on the water. With one of our carriers, this vehicle does not qualify as a collector vehicle. The other carrier will write the vehicle, however they do not provide coverage while it is on the water.

It sounds like you may be in the best place if Hagerty provides coverage on both land and water. Please le t me know if you are interested in moving forward.


I had used JC Taylor (note the poll lists "KC" Taylor) since I licensed Amphi in 1994. The local rep "told" me I was fully covered, no exemptions. For some reason I asked the question again at renewal this year, this time via email and got a written response of "no coverage in the water". I escalated to an underwriter using the logic that this was normal operation that the vehicle was designed to do. The answer remained "no". I switched to Hagerty, quite irritated that I had been paying their premium for 19 years without the expected coverage. Fortunately never had a claim.


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Hagerty does put it in writing and forum members like myself have had claims to substantiate this. Don't take the word of your agent, that won't help in a dispute. Get it in writing.

While I am miffed at Hagerty at the moment for viewing my pristine Jag XJR like a beater Hyundai, simply because it has 4 doors, I appreciate that they enable keeping Amphicars in the water as most insurers do not.

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American Collectors is who I have mostly because the previous owner was with them. It's been some 15 years ago but I recall being told No water coverage at the time but spoke with someone up the chain and received a letter stating I have coverage on the water. I haven't brought it up with them again instead choosing to keep that document in a safe place. Probably a good idea for anyone not knowing for certain if their Amphicar is covered in the water to check to make sure.