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One of my assistants at work has a <span class="correction" id="">Netflicks</span> subscription and he had rented it. He had no idea that there was an <span class="correction" id="">Amphi</span> in it but thought that it would be cool to see the movie because of the renewed interest in the Pink Panther. When he watched it he knew that he would have to bring it in for me to watch. If I knew how to down load it to my computer I would.
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Joe -
I am presuming you were referring to "Pontiac Moon" that you were able to rent and enjoy, not the 1968 "Inspector <span class="correction" id="">Clouseau</span>" - is that correct. Since <span class="correction" id="">VHS</span> tapes are apparently on the way out, being replaced by <span class="correction" id="">DVDs</span>, many many <span class="correction" id="">VHS</span> tapes are being dumped at flea markets as you doubtless know. I encountered a Pontiac Moon tape still wrapped in its plastic wrapper for $ 1.00Now I'll have to search for the 1968Inspector <span class="correction" id="">Clouseau</span>.I'll keep an eye out on the <span class="correction" id="">TCM</span> channel for it, as they come up with an amazing variety of old movies. Taping it off TV will work too.

Keith - where did you find the Inspector <span class="correction" id="">Clouseau</span> film - on TV or where ?If it was on TV, do you remember which channel showed it ? Is it on <span class="correction" id="">VHS</span> do you know ?Capt. Splash</font></tt>

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