Inn on the Green?


Arnold Hite


Now I'm confused. I thought the Inn on the Green was the fine old
hotel near the water and just down from the boat ramp. Since I have a
reservation there I guess I will look it up on MapQuest. See you in a
few weeks.




Momentarily, I am uncertain, but I think the name of the hotel right by
the boat ramp area is the Lakeside Inn, but the Inn on the Green which has more
or less been the headquarters in prior years and is officially so this year
is only 4-5 miles away (depending on whether you go through town or around. It
is located on U.S.441 just north and west of Mount Dora (actually in Leesburg)
and at least 12 or 13 Amphicar rooms have been reserved by Amphicar people
(including you and Sharon.) It is also just 1-1/2 miles from the Banquet
Restaurant Saturday night which is also on U.S. 441 east of Inn on the Green. As
stands now, we are expecting a definite 17 Amphicars, though sometimes others
show up unannounced and the nunmber may change in the next two weeks.

I believe you are coming south on I-95, are you not? If that is so, then
in Sanford, you simply take Exit 101B (which corresponds to the Mile Post) at
State Road 46. Go west about 18 miles to U.S. 441, then go north on 441
(which curves west around the north side of Mount Dora) and in about 5 miles the
Inn on the Green is on the left. My personal experience (fairly limited, based
on poor experiences of myself and others is that Mapquest does not necessarily
make good sense in their routing.)

Any other questions or clarifications, - give me a shout. Look forward to
seeing you. Vic

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Correction - Inn on the Green is in Tavares (not Leesburg) as I stated in a
very recent e-mail which I thought was going just to A. Hite but I see he had
sent the query via the Amphicar Lovers and not directly to me, though he
addressed the question to me. Vic Nelson

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