Info on Amphicar List on Egroups


Mike Israel

Hello All,

While the migration from listbox to egroups has gone relatively well, a few questions have come up. Most prevalent is the issue of how one can access the file areas.

Each of you has been subscribed to the list/digest (in whatever format you used previously). You will continue to receive the digest or posts as you did in the past. If you wish to be able to access the files and other features of the egroups server you need to sign-up for an egroups account which will enable you to create a password. The process is simple and the account is free. You login using your email address and your chosen password. Again, this is only required if you wish to access the additional features offered through egroups.

Hope this helps. Hope you all had fun in Celina, I really wish I could have been there myself.

Mike Israel

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