In the club - Yahooie!!


Ken Chambers

Got tired of looking at that Amphi restoration project in the garage for going
on I don't know how many years now. Problem is I'm too much of a
perfectionist so it's taking way too long. I think it was Celina last summer
and seeing all you good folks enjoying the heck out of your Amphis all
weekend. I just couldn't bear the thought of waiting for the project to be
completed before getting to swim.

Sooo, I went out and secured a deal on a ready-to-float Amphi. Checked out
everything, changed all the rubber hoses and engine mounts, and cleaned it up.
Yep, even the bilge. What a slimy, yuckie, awful mess that was. I have a
whole new appreciation for our very own "Bilgemaster" to earn that title for
all the work he's done to create such a masterful web site. If his down
and dirty, roll up the sleeves web site work compares anything at all to the
amount of work it takes to clean up a bilge, then Bill has my entire fist full
of gold fish this year.

Oh yes, back to my maiden voyage. About a month ago I set the date thinking I
had plenty of time to get the car ready. Turned out I pushed the deadline to
the limit and got Amphi ready the night before the drive to the lake. Much to
my delight, the car drove perfectly. Gathering at the lake with dozens of
friends, everyone wanted to see if this thing really floated. To make a
long story short, the new Amphi floats great. Everyone had a great time. The
kids were ecstatic, the bystanders thrilled, and my three year old son loved
it so much he wouldn't take off his life jacket until bedtime.

So thanks everyone at Celina. Can't wait to get to the lake again. There's
nothing like it in the world.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 White (still under restoration)
'64 Red (havin' fun)

PS: Down to Mexico in the morning for a week with the family. I'm getting
separation anxiety already from the Amphi.