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Bill Connelly

Dear Manuel,

It was wonderful to hear from you in sunny C?diz in Spain and to see your
pictures. I am sorry that I do not speak Spanish very well. My vocabulary
is very limited, but I am sure that many of our International Amphicar
Owners Club members and other owners speak excellent Spanish and even visit
your country sometimes. This explains why I am sending a copy of this
reply to This is the email address of
the "Amphicar-Lovers Email Digest". The "Digest" is an Internet forum for
over 200 owners and others interested in Amphicars. This forum is normally
in English, but perhaps some of its members who speak Spanish will contact
you privately at just to say "Ahoy!" If you
would like to register to receive the "Digest" you can do this at or .

You can use a computer to translate much of the International Amphicar
Owners Club website (or this email) into Spanish at . The translations are not
perfect, but they are better than nothing.

If I can be of any further assistance to you, please ask.

With Regards,
~Bilgemaster~ ("El Principal de Sentina")

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From: "Manuel Enrique Lopez Do?a" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 10:05 AM

Dear Amphicar Club:

My name is Manuel Lopez Do?a, and I live in southern Spain in the city of
C?diz. I am the only amphicar owner in Spain (license plate # CA-2000-BM).
I would like to send you an electronic photograph of my amphicar, taken from
the sail regata in C?diz in 2000 (I didn?t have enough gasoline to come all
the way to New York). I very much would like to establish contact with your
organization, at least via internet, because I am very interested in any
related information that is available regarding amphicars.

I anxiously await your response to ensure that you have received my e-mail
and I hope we can correspond in the future.

Manuel L?pez Do?a
Apartado Postal 13
11520 ROTA (C?diz)

P.S. I speak Spanish, and if possible it would be preferable to correspond
in Spanish. However, if that is not possible, I have several friends who
can translate for me.

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