In memory of a friend

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David Derer

Some years ago our dentist stopped to look at Amphi. Saw the Triumph
engine and started to hire me to work on his 1959 Triumph. Years ago
they had driven it a lot. They had a lot of memories in that car. Then
it started to wear out. We became friends. Every year another upgrade.
Like many he was attached to his car and had some poor experiences with
others. The last upgrade was a major over haul of engine, trans, brakes
etc. Because of some changes from stock-job was taking forever( 4
months). Then a call from his wife. Three months to live. In about 36
hours car was being driven. In a matter of weeks from 5 mile runner to
couldnt drive. I drove him around. When his friends and family came to
visit they drove him around. He and his wife was so glad car was
running. Saturday I saw Triumph being driven-in his memory. His car was
one of those ten year projects, always getting around to it. Dave