In Memorium Hugh S. Gordon, Jr. April 25, 1940 – October 1, 2015


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I am sending this as a special announcement to the forum membership.

The Amphicar community is a sadder place today in learning that Hugh Gordon, of Gordon Imports, has passed away. Announcement is below.

Anyone who owns, or has owned, an Amphicar knows the role Hugh played in keeping all of our Amphis running and swimming. Without him, and his team, there would be but a handful of Amphicars remaining in museums. More important, Hugh was a good friend to many of us. He was a Renaissance man, fluent in multiple languages, who would keep you on the phone for hours discussing politics, history, science, or just about any other topic.

You will be greatly missed but I am sure the angels are waiting for you by a beautiful lake with a fleet of Amphicars that will never rust and shelves piled high with NOS transmissions!

Anyone who has visited Gordon Imports also knows that it is more than a business, it is an extended family. Do keep Jeanie, Shelle, Bob, and all the crew in your thoughts and prayers.

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Sent: Monday, October 12, 2015 10:49 AM
Subject: To All Of Our Amphicar Family


We regret to inform you that our beloved Hugh Shirrefs Gordon, Jr. passed away on October 1, 2015, from an acute heart attack. We will truly miss his wit, insight, stories, and vision for the Amphicar. He always felt so fortunate that he was able to keep his dream (the Amphicar) alive, and was constantly working on solutions for it. His ashes were placed near his favorite lake in Michigan.

Gordon Imports, Inc., will endeavor to carry on his legacy of dedication to the Amphicar. We appreciate all your love, friendship, and support. Hugh is survived by his wife, Jeani, and his two brothers, Bob and Alex.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to a charity of your choice.

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Ken Chambers

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Hugh, I've truly enjoyed talking with you over the years and so much appreciate your commitment to the Amphicar community. These special little cars are enjoyed by so many people. It would not have been possible without you. Thank you for your kindness, your friendship and all you have done. Your legacy rolls on.

With warm thoughts,
---Ken Chambers

Ed Price

I had the good fortune to have known Hugh for almost 14 years; he was not only a unique businessman but also a true gentleman. Hugh never tired of talking about his favorite car, and he was generous sharing his expertise and his time. Not only did Hugh manage to hold together a family business in a very specialized market, he also supported the IAOC nationally and many local Amphi Swim-ins. Today's Amphi owners should be grateful to Hanns Trippel and Harald Quandt for getting these amazing cars built, but also to Hugh Gordon, who did more than anyone to keep Amphicars functional driving machines instead of museum specimens. Whenever I visited Gordon Imports in Santa Fe Springs, I was always impressed by the friendliness and hospitality of Hugh, Jeanie, Sherri and all. Hugh, I thank you for innumerable things, and I will always think of you whenever I sit down in my Amphi.


You know how you sometimes hear "the world's a poorer place" when someone passes? Well, this time it's really really true. Certainly the Amphicar World is now utterly impoverished without our unique Hugh. He's left a lamentable never-to-be-filled void.

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Hugh and I had are ups and downs. As time went on we mended our fences and enjoyed our lengthy phone calls. The last time we talked about everything including space travel. I'am glad I told him how much I had appreciated him. His passing hit me harder then I would have guessed.
My deepest sympathies to Jeani, Shellee, Bob & Alex for the loss of the beloved guru of Amphicars. We all share in your loss of a truly unique and memorable individual.

My wife Becky and I met Hugh & Jeannie in 1993 after buying my car up at their Michigan summer place where we met at Joe Alcorn's house in Freeport. Joe had his car running and off we went in 2 cars into Grand Traverse Bay. I had my hulking old camcorder running and still have the tape which has Hugh explaining all of the features and benefits of Amphicars at great length. It was a great day and this experience kicked of my 5 year restoration which was completed in 1998 thanks to parts and advice being available at Gordon's.

Like others, I had many discussions with Hugh on the phone about various topics. Being in the parts business myself, we often spoke about the difficulties of finding and sourcing hard to find parts. Once while working at an oil pump manufacturer, I discovered half a dozen NOS oil pumps which fit our little Triumph engines and shipped them to Hugh. He was always ready to make a good old fashioned horse trade when possible, which is a testament to how he did business.

I will miss him, but am a better person for knowing him and his family - the great folks at GI.

Mark & Becky Richardson & family
Dexter, Mi


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I had talked to Hugh in early September for about an hour and a half. Not an unusual amount of time for my many calls with him over fifteen years. Some have been twice that long. He said he was a bit lonely because Jeani had been in therapy for a long time. I hadn't talked to him during the summer because I was a bit under the weather myself for a couple of months. I called him again on Sept 21 and chatted for almost another hour. Given the circumstances I decided to keep in touch more often and had planned on calling him twice last week. Things got in the way and I wasn't aware that it was already too late. He sounded just fine. Actually, I never have heard of him having any heart problem. The gang at Gordon Imports talked to him the day before his death and all said he sounded fine to them too. They also said they didn't know of a heart problem. I guess you don't always get warnings. I found out that he died while shopping at some store on the morning of Oct. 1. He was walking through the store and just suddenly dropped.

I guess we all should learn to make the most of the time we have. I, like many, will miss him very much.

John Friese

Billy Syx

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Amphicars changed my life, My sincere condolences to all at G.I. Hugh's legacy will live on through all those who rode in an Amphicar


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Just realized that today marks a year since Hugh's passing. It sure would be fun to discuss the current election with him. He is probably celebrating not having to vote.
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