ImaBoat for sale or loan during Celina!


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I know this should go in the classifieds section, but, even though this is late notice, I wanted anyone going to Celina without an Amphicar this year know about it. I need to sell my red 1964 Amphicar, #101244, IMABOAT, with 4,677 miles on it. (I drove it up to Celina in 2006, 2008 and 2011, in case anyone remembers seeing it there.) I have to work this Saturday so I can't take it to Celina this year.
However, we live in Worthington (a suburb on the north side of Columbus, Ohio) about 2 hours away from Celina, so if anyone were passing through this way and wanted to look at it, or if anyone were flying in to come to Celina and wanted a car to drive at Celina, you could call me, Jim Bihari, at 614-915-7210 to talk about it. Looking for the best offer over $30,000. Need to sell it to pay off some debt and put a down payment on a house. I'd been hoping to get more for it (!) but it's got some things that need looked at, and I've been too busy with jobs and kids and babies to freshen it up for sale. There are a lot of details below, but the big picture is that it was an original low mileage car I bought in 2005, restored in 2005 (body) and 2006 (engine completely rebuilt), though I kept the interior original. Had a lot of fun with it for the last 6 years, it drives and swims fine, but it's problems include: 1. small rust bubbles appearing under paint at front of hood (worst spot), bottom of doors and bottom of rear fenders, 2. Engine seems more sluggish going up ramps in past couple of years--it still drives 65 but seems to have less power on ramps than it used to--haven't had time to check the timing etc. 3. Driving back from Celina last year, it seems like maybe it lost maybe a couple quarts of engine oil (very confusing to me), though I did accidentally leave the dipstick out, but I haven't driven it enough this year to notice any oil loss. 4. It does still leak some land transmission oil into the bilge area, despite having located and fixed a transmission case hole in 2007. 5. Possibly due to unknowly having driven it with low land transmission oil in 2006(?), it seems like bearings make noise when in 4th gear above 65 mph--I just don't drive it faster than that and have put over 4,000 miles on the car since I first noticed this noise. 6. This past year, it starting having some electrical short that will slowly drain the battery if the battery is left hooked up and it's not driven for a week or so--just noticed blue dash light remains lit when car is off. 7. Original interior is starting to show wear and tear from all the fun. Car still looks great in parades or on street though. Some history about it:

I bought if off of ebay in 2005 as a white, supposed 50 mile original car, last titled in 1971 I think. We thought the low mileage could be believable due to (5 original tires showing little wear--I kept one as a spare and sold the over 4 tire to John Bevins, an original clutch plate showing little wear, it never had holes drilled for license plates front or rear and had some dents underneath which made me think it may hve been used more as a boat). My Dad and I stripped everything off the car and had the body stripped to bare metal inside and out by Les Key at All Car Excellence in Columbus and then had it painted red inside and out. It had a quarter sized hole in the rocker panel repaired with metal and some pinholes under the battery tray fixed with fiberglass. (Les took many dozens of pictures of the car when it was being prepped and painted on the dolly). When I put it back together, I used mostly stainless steel bolts and screws, including all stainless brake lines and fuel line. Put in an electric fuel pump and radiator fan. Put in front and rear seatbelts, using a piece of bed frame rail to attach rear seatbelts (can be easily removed in minutes ). In 2006 it had the 1147 engine rebuilt by Les Key with new pistons and everything. We drove it to Celina that year and found that had leaked a lot of transmission fluid from the land transmission to inside the bilge area. Also that year or next, the bearings for the propellers started to get noisy and when my Dad and I were replacing them, we noticed that there appeared to be a small hole in the land transmission casting--it looked like it was made that way. It is the old style transmission and on the driver's side, opposite to where you fill it with 90 weight oil on the passenger side, it is manufactured with some recessed hole that looks like it could have been threaded and fitted with a drain plug, but never was. Deep within that recess, it had a small hole completely though the case that was likely cast that way, and would allow oil to leak out. We just tapped that recess and threaded a pipe plug into it to fix it completely. My Dad and I wondered if that transmission hole could have been the reason that car was only driven 50 land miles back in the 60's? As mentioned above, it still leaks some transmission oil, perhaps through a gasket?

Oh, that's a long enough message, if you want to know more about it, or if you need a car to drive in Celina this year, call me at 614-915-7210. Thanks,
Jim Bihari

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Years sure are flying by. You should post some pics, That was a nice "barn find" car. You should bring it to Celina early. Get someone like Roger or Gord to keep an eye on it when you are not there. Good luck, Dave
Sounds like a great opportunity.
I would love to have to have a second Amphi to drive while mine is being "reconditioned" :) alas I only have two problems. Extra Time and Extra Money.


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Thanks Dave and Randy. Yes it is hard to believe that it's been 7 years since I bought the car. Hate to see it
go, but maybe I'll buy another one 15 years from now when I'm "rich." I tried to get a couple folks around here
interested in driving it to Celina and attending the show, but no takers so far. Life is busy enough with kids and jobs and all that it'd be hard for me to get it up there, even if someone were nice enough to watch it/drive it in Celina. Maybe I'll get some pictures posted, and offer a $50 reward for anyone who reads this who can locate a potential buyer that leads to it's sale. If someone in Celina asks, where can I buy a red Amphicar, let 'em know I
have one in Columbus. You can pass along my phone number and/or email.
Jim Bihari

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F rich. Keep the car, play with the kids. Blink your eyes and the kids will be old too. Put Amphi somewhere you can not see it or touch it. After one year you will be glad you did not sell it. Trust me and a lot of others on this. Dave


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Well, the other day I had the guy who rerbuilt my engine come out and tune up the car, because I didn't have a timing light etc. it seemed like it had low power the last year or two and I thought it had leaked oil. He checked a lot of things and it turns out the timing was off--it was 20 deg BTDC and it wasn't supposed to be over 15. He also noticed that the last time I checked the lifters, when I put the valve cover back on, I got the temp sensor wire running under valve cover gasket, and he pointed out that a lot of oil could leak out of a poorly sealed valve cover when driving 5 hours at freeway speeds. We took the car out into the water today (first time since Celina 2011) and boy what a difference adjusting the timing made. At Celina last year, the car nearly stalled at every ramp (it did stall at one and the battery died and a kind soul towed us out of the boat ramp). Today, the car had plenty of power, on the freeway and easily going up a long steep boat ramp with 7 of us in the car (okay 2 of us were babies--it's hard to fit those baby life vests on the tiny ones by the way).

Anyway, we REALLY need the money, so we have to sell the Amhicar--maybe we'll buy another in 10 years when we'll likely have more money. I really want to get at least 30 grand for it. Any opinions about listing it on ebay versus
taking it to auction?--there's an auction in Canton OH next weekend at the Glenmore Gathering of Significant Automobiles, which gets a fair amount of press in old car magazines, especially for an OH show. They charge a $300 fee to auction the car and a 6% commision (8% if I want a reserve, which I do). I'm thinking mine is more of an ebay car, because it's not perfect but a good fun driving car.
Also, since ebay seems to allow something like 12 pictures, do folks post other pictures on flicker or something? I have a lot of restoration pics.
Also, tonight I sold a 59 Dodge on ebay for $2,700 and it turns out a guy from Hungary with zero feedback won (even though I specified the car "sells to United States" in my ebay ad. The guy called me yesterday, and I don't think he's a scammer but possibly an inexperienced buyer. Anyone have any advice about selling to folks oversees and how money transfers work so you know the money is there (the wire transfer won't "bounce") before you ship the car?

If anyone wants to buy my Amphicar, this week I'll try to put together my writeup and select pictures.
I'd add a picture here, but I'm not sure how. It looks like it loads 100% and then it says, Error--picture is too large.
Jim Bihari 614-915-7210

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
Collectable cars have appreciated at a better rate than residential property, so if you sell your Amphicar to buy your way into what real estate agents describe as "investing in a home" don't plan on going back later and buying another. Plus, you'll have to explain to your kids why you sold it before they were old enough to enjoy it! Just saying...
Sounds like for what you want for should be able to e-bay it.
I'm sure you have figured all the costs for selling it either way.
I just wish I had the money to buy another one right now. ;)

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You should be a Club member, so an ad on web site is free. Ebay can be a venue. If you decide to do auction like Glenmore, have someone video the entire event. From prepping to bidding. Another very good an inexpensive place is Hemmings. Fix little items, get rid of hanging wires and broken bits. Good luck, Dave
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