Identity Clarification

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown

Ed Price

I often post to the Amphicars Lovers Digest on topics of personal interest
to me. Recently, I have also posted to this group speaking for my actions as
the Membership Registrar and temporary webmaster for the IAOC. Some people
have become confused as to whether I am expressing personal or IAOC opinion.

Let me try to clarify this.

I am a member of the IAOC Board, but I do not speak for that Board. I am
only one of nine equal members, and I would not presume to speak for any of
the other members or to presume that I speak for the Board officially.
However, there have been some questions about IAOC actions that I have
responded to, simply to answer a question in the most expeditious manner.
Whenever I have done this, I have tried to be careful to always use a
signature that shows my IAOC affiliation. See:

Ed Price
IAOC Membership Registrar
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy

When I have posted for myself, I use a different signature. See:

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy

I hope this clears up any confusion for our Digest members.

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy

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