Identifying clunk



Just to be on the safe side, have someone sit in the car and "wiggle"
the steering wheel back and forth while you check all suspension and
steering components. The only reason I say this is back in 1987 I lost
a tie rod end just after getting off the freeway and lost steering in
1 wheel. It did make a clunk beforehand and 2 seconds later, I was
curbside. (could've been worse) I also use this method for finding
loose ball joints and pitman arms. It'll show you if any front end
components are loose or worn. Also, jack the car up 1 wheel at a time
and with a pry bar, have a friend raise and lower the wheel (very
quick wiggles again) and check for up and down play. It sounds extreme
but it is a good little detective just to make sure you and Amphi
don't end up in a ditch. Many times, things appear tight until they
are stressed and then the problems are revealed. I hope this helps.
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