IAOC Members (Important Please Read)



As many of you are aware we had a major problem with our club roster
at the beginning of the year. A big thanks goes to Ed Price who did a
great job and took a large amount of his time to fix it. We have
still been having issues with a small amount of members who have paid
but haven't been receiving their newsletter, etc.

Yesterday I received 16 membership renewals with some dating back to
the 1st week of February, with most of them being from March. Many of
these checks are probably no longer valid as expiration is typically
90 to 120 days from issue. I don't want to deposit these into our
club account and end up with an accounting nightmare with the
possibility of some banks no longer honoring these checks.

I have been out of town and will address this with the board in
regards to contacting those members who may need to send another
check. I will also send this info to Ed (names & addresses) so he can
verify members status and note payment received in the latest up to
date roster. This will allow the W&W newsletter to be sent to those
who have not been receiving it.

I will need a few days to put all this info together and send to Ed
and I am 400 email's behind from work so please be patient. Please
remember as stated in the newsletter send your membership renewals
directly to me.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience to those members this may have

Ron Green (IAOC Treasure)
1926 Princeton Avenue
Camp Hill, PA. 17011