IAOC Amphibian of the Year

Ed Price

It's almost June, and the big swim-in in Celina, Ohio is rapidly
approaching. Beyond all the great times of that weekend, it also means that
we need to vote for the Amphibian of the Year. All IAOC members are eligible
to cast their vote, and this year, it's easier than ever because you can
vote directly from the IAOC website.

This year, we have four very worthy amphibians who have been nominated for
your consideration. You may also place a write-in vote for any other IAOC
member of your choice. Here's a quick portrait of our four candidates:

David Chapman: Dave is a longtime IAOC board member who has for many years
assisted hundreds of owners throughout the world by answering questions on
everything regarding the Amphicar. You can't think or speak of the Amphicar
without thinking of David. As a club officer David has been instrumental in
helping to develop many of the IAOC policies and guidelines that are still
in use today.

Brian Crombie: Brian has tirelessly handled the club newsletters "Member
Spotlight" feature for many years. Brian always has excellent suggestions
and thoughts for the betterment of IAOC. Ask for nothing and gives a lot to
the club. Willing to quickly help other Amphi owners out in the time of need
by offering great advice.

Scott Brunner (Gordon's): Scott goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Always willing to help out, give advice, run and pull a part off the shelf
to check on how it is assembled, scrounge around to look for that odd clip,
etc. Cheerful and a delight to talk to, especially during a major Amphi
repair when the frustration level is at its highest.

Larry Solheim: Larry is another longtime member who is well known throughout
the Amphi community. Willing to assist all in any way he can. Larry stepped
forward in a time of need and became the clubs website guru. Larry is quick
to update and maintain your website including posting of the current
newsletter within days of it being mailed, quickly change or modify the ads,
etc. Overall Larry keeps on top of things on a daily basis and always has
IAOC in the forefront.

To vote, go to <http://www.amphicar.com/goodies/2009AOFY.htm>
http://www.amphicar.com/goodies/2009AOFY.htm . You will need to log in using
your Username and Password. Then select your choice for AOTY, and click
SUBMIT. That's all you have to do!

Thank you for your support of, and participation in, the International
Amphicar Owners Club.

Ed Price
IAOC Membership Registrar
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy