I?ve got that rotor 4 Dave

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It's one of those days when warm would be good and you'd rather be
somewhere else like on the water in your Amphicar. It has been
spitting snow so far all day with no accumulation.
We are going to a UW Badgers Men's hockey game tonight. A few of our
Wisconsin Amphicar group are joining us. It should be a fun
evening. Maybe we will even win this one, they are playing
Anchorage, which is on a long loosing streak just like we are. I
think the Women's Hockey Badgers are better than the guys for some
reason, more aggressive I would say.
Meanwhile, the cats are still curled up on poor ol Amphi out in the
warm garage making it impossible for me to remove the cover to do any
work. I've got that spare rotor for Mr. Wave, not that it would work.