I told ya so... bakelite is evil!

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Steve R. & Dave the Wave... missed you guys on
the lake this weekend - maybe next weekend.
Mermaid went out end of summer shopping and
I floated around on the lake myself. So quiet and
peaceful I could almost hear that sucking sound
in my wallet from Mermaids shopping spree.

Doug, sorry to hear about your Bakelite pulley
wheel. My Amphi consumed 3 of those damn
Bakelite pulley wheels like they were chocolate
chip cookies. I found religion in metal pulleys.
Didn't seem to matter if I had a 370 pound
passenger or a solo adventure... Bakelite is evil.
As for my motor mounts they appear average to
fair and will be replaced when I install my new
Spitfire racing engine... some day. Consider I
only drive a half mile to the lake so I can limp
along for another season or two. As for being
"psychic," I reckon my relationship with Amphi
goes a little "over board" (pun intended) to the
point of being psychotic. There are worse
afflictions, but that goes off topic a bit. And
finally Doug I have a lathe fixture for holding
a metal pulley during the needed modifications.
I'd be happy to FedEx it to you... but only if you
remember the "a" at the end of my name. ;)

`64 Turquoise - with metal pulley wheel!!!
San Diego

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