I need pressure plate springs, AGAIN



OK, I now know what caused the lever springs to break on the pressure plate. If
the throw out bearing rides on the pressure plate all the time, it will get hot
enough to actually weld the little plate to the three levers as well as soften
the spring metal and cause it to fail. I've got pictures of the end result.

The original problem, was I had to keep adjusting the clutch cable tighter and
tighter. With the clutch pedal on the floor, the slightest upward movement would
engage the clutch. On a really hot day forget it. I would hit the first two
gears, could not engage the props or get into reverse. At some point I adjusted
the cable untill the throw out bearing was touching and that was that. The scary
part, is that I didn't know the springs had broken. I pulled the engine and
tranny to work on some leaks and out fell the little pressure disk.

When you install a new clutch and pressure plate. Measure the three arm heights
before you bolt it to the flywheel. I just found this while trying to find out
why I broke the springs. My lever heights were 25.89mm before installiation.
After I attached the parts to the flywheel the lever heights were 13.59mm. I
lost nearly half of the disengagement throw on the pressure plate. If you find
this, you MUST adjust the levers to their full height. There have been several
posts on adjusting the clutch. I was under the impression that these were bolt
on and go. Perhaps mine was just a fluke.

I hope mine is an isolated problem. I'm being assured that there have been no
other reported problems. One note, I put almost 1,700 miles on my car last year
so I'd guess that I'd find a problem sooner than someone who drives their car a
few hundred miles a year.

The original point of the was to see if someone had some pressure plate lever
springs (1-12-10)??


Scott Moses

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