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  1. Amphipoda@yahoo.com

    Offered Amphi rides to the "major" presidential
    candidates and got the following responses;

    From the Al Gore camp:

    Dear Mr. Amphipoda,

    Thank you for your generous offer to take Vice
    President Gore in your Amphicar. Due to the
    strenuous campaign schedule the Vice President
    will not be able to accept your gracious offer.
    Despite the Amphicar's internal combustion
    engine, the Vice President expressed his
    sincere disappointment that he would not be
    able to take part in all the fun. In fact, the Vice
    President mentioned that he invented Amphicars
    just before he invented the internet and feels
    the Amphicar is an important part of preserving
    America's natural resources. However, his wife
    Tipper Gore has accepted your offer and will be
    in attendance at the Lake Miramar Million Amphi
    Swim-In the weekend of November 4th, 2000.
    Thank you again for your support.

    Rita Treehugger
    VP Gore Campaign Spokesperson


    And from the George W. Bush camp:

    Dear Mr. Amphipoda,

    Governor Bush has respectfully declined your
    gracious offer to ride in your Amphicar. The
    Texas Governor regrets not having the time to
    partake in the Lake Miramar Million Amphi
    Swim-in during his busy campaign schedule.
    Governor Bush further stated that the Amphicar
    represents what "American ingenuity" is all about
    and that Amphicars will play an important role in
    rebuilding the nation's military. The Texas Governor's
    mother, Barbara Bush, has agreed to attend the
    Amphicar event and will be on hand during
    the November Swim-in.
    Thank you once again for your support.

    Arron Triggerhappy
    Gov. Bush Campaign Spokesperson


    And from the Ralph Nader camp:

    NO WAY - NO Thanks!
    Not safe at any speed.

    R. Nader


    The Pat Buchanan camp has yet to respond to
    my e-mail, however an anonymous message on
    my answering machine stated, "the Buchanan
    people have their eye on you son, you better
    not be fooling around."


    Hopefully the above posting will aid my fellow
    amphibians in making a presidential selection
    on election day. Remember to vote early and
    vote often.

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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