I have an idea...



In my quest for a completely redesigned Minnow site (boy does it need
it!) I have an idea for another unique page. I am working up
something REALLY cool for my site. This will take months to complete.

There are many pics of the beautifully restored Amphis, but the "ugly
Ducklings" have no place to call their own. I want to make a page
dedicated to the poor forgotten Ugly Duckling Amphis. So no matter
what happens they can always be remembered.

I am looking for pictures of Amphis in an "As found" or unrestored
condition. This includes parts cars too. So If you have any pics of
unrestored Amphis in any condition (much like the white I've seen one
in the bushes), please send them to me! These forgotten Amphis need
lovin' too!



Re: I have an idea...
Capt' John,
Excellent idea!
Preservation of the Amphi
is what this club is all about -
no matter what condition the Amphi is in!
One of the happiest Amphis I ever met was Dave
Dave the Wave's old Brown Wonder... and she was no
oil painting, but boy-o-boy did she have fun. And of
course there are those poor old parts cars out there and
the ones rotting away in fields behind the barn, buried alive
in foliage, and sunk up to the axles in mud... oh God, this
is so very depressing. But I still believe the goal is
admirable and worthy, to preserve the Amphi in all
its forms. Let the future generations know
of our struggle to keep the Amphi flame
lit, to carry the amphibious torch
forward on into the next great
millennia. Yes, we have that
huge burden my fine finned
friends. Be part of the
heroic effort and do
contribute your
sick Amphi

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA


Thanks Amphipoda! I created a folder in the "FILES" section for any
pics anyone has to share. Remember these are of any cars that are
unrestored, from parts cars to complete originals.



Now we are talking about the type of Amphicars found in North

I posted pictures of my two Amphicars still on the trailer after
purchasing at a auction and pictures of two Amphicars that were for-

Darrell Gaddy
Huntsville, Alabama