I did receive 469 mile Amphicar

Tommy in Tampa

Amphicar Expert
Hi everyone,
I did receive Amphicar # 1065244216 titled as a 1967
It was in a city in Minnesota Britt but I think it lived in Virginia Minnesota.
It is among the highest vin numbers. There were only 84 cars with higher vin numbers. The highest being #1065244216 that car is titled as a '68 and has the locking steering column and the heavy chrome on the fins.
Anyhow it has 469 miles on it and it does seem to be almost unused.
It has its original tires and that oil change sticker is a hoot.
Here are the pictures ask any questions you have.
Thanks Tommy in Tampa


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Tommy in Tampa

Amphicar Expert
Here are some more pictures. It even came with the radio, still in the box.


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Midwest Amphicar

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I would like to see some engine and dash pics please. Wanna trade for My blue one? Maybe stop by Sabula on way to Canada?. Later Dave the Wave

Tommy in Tampa

Amphicar Expert
Hi Dave, you know I did notice that the dash knobs are not labeled. I guess when they ran out they used unlettered knobs. My early car did have all lettered knobs.
This car is so fresh it still has the original "How To Lower Your Top" tag still hangen from a string on the top frame. I will copy it and post the factory "How too" instructions, then we will all know how too.
The seats are perfect too.
Pictures tomorrow.
Congratulations on such a find! If possible, please write a short story with photos and send it to me, Keith Mathiowetz, to include in the next issue of "Wheels-n-Waves;" this would be great for all IAOC members to read.

Oddly, one photo that you provided tells the whole story of the origins of this car. The picture showing the NAPA tag explains it all. In 1983, I bought my used, weathered 1964 Amphicar from Richard Holt's car lot in Hopkins, Minnesota. The late Richard Holt, to many Midwest Amphi lovers in the 1960s and now, was known as "the guy" who sold new Amphicars in the Twin Cities back then. His lot was located at 929 Excelsior Blvd, and it was here that I first spotted my car in the back row in the early 1980s. By the late 1970s, this lot sold used cars, although Richard had several leftover Amphis parked there, mine being one of them.

Fast-forward to 2006. I met IAOC members Brad and Jill Swager of Stillwater, Minnesota, at the Sabula Swim-In. When we visited, we realized that both of our Amphis were originally sold at Holt's dealership. The couple explained that they have a color photograph of the dealership in the late 1960s; the photo shows at least 14 brand-new Amphis. Brad and Jill sent me a copy of the picture. Looking at it again today, I see a big NAPA sign in front of the first row of Amphis. On the NAPA sign it says, faintly, "Carlson's..." There are two blue Amphis with black tops in the front row. Could one of them be yours?

Brad and Jill got a copy of the photo from Richard Holt's son, Rocky (Richard died in the early 1990s). Rocky owns an Amphi and is listed in the former IAOC roster (I'm not sure if he's still a member). Perhaps a phone call to Rocky will answer a few questions about how the car lot and NAPA were linked.

You have a great piece, my friend! Enjoy!


Keith Mathiowetz,
Editor, Wheels-n-Waves

Keith Mathiowetz
Publisher, Prewar Auto Notes magazine
E2315 County Road B
Scandinavia, WI 54977

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Here are some more

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