I can fly, I can fly!

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Dave and Amphipoda, I was trying to get that amphi off the ground
that night going up the big hill before the Holiday inn at full
speed. Had water in the bilge or I would have made it too.

Got my fresh supply of Amsoil yesterday (yes Bilgey). Will be a well
lubricated weekend here.

Have Hugh tell you the one about going out to Manitou Islands in the
fog, that is a good one.

Anybody else up for some additional Amphi horsepower? I am trying.
Much of my car is from places like TSC, and Quality Farm & Fleet.

Made a steering bracket the other day. Took about an hour with lame
tools and no skill at all. A flat piece of steel and a hack saw and
drill did the trick. Bolted to that bracket that holds pedal return
spring. Thanks to whoever did it first, I copied it. Cost seven
bucks. And a dollar for paint.