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"..... the amphibian in his playful nature ought
to be practiced in amphibious accomplishments.
Yet reason, in view of the scope of matters, does
not permit me as need demands, to have a complete,
but only a moderate knowledge of the various
intricacies of the technical aspects to which I
aspire. Hence I beg your pardon my fine finned
friends and fellow readers of these volumes to
pardon any explanation that too little agrees with
the rules of literary art and buoyancy. For it is
not as a lofty thinker, nor an eloquent speaker,
nor as a scholar practiced in the best methods of
amphibious contemplation, but as an amphibian
who has a mere tinge of these things, that I have
striven to write these ramblings. But in respect
to the meaning of my playful nature and the very
principles which it involves, I hope and undertake
to expound them with assured authority, not only
to my fellow amphibians, but also to the lesser
evolved members of our world."

? Ohrustus Knot, "De Amphipoda" 1645 A.D.

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